A refresh with a New Brand Identity

May 20, 2016

Every business needs a 'refresh', a new way of thinking about the brand, the products offered, the brand image and how the company wants to be positioned in the marketplace.

Prince Edward County known as 'The County' is going through its own changes—new business ventures opening up in the retail sector, more vineyards and wineries being established. 'The County' is seeing growth in new food ventures, restaurants, vacation rentals, Inns, and other related hospitaly businesses. Therefore, it is important to keep our brand fresh, relevant and we must always be trying to improve on the way we present our product or brand, and how we give consumers a great brand experience. That is why we have gone through a brand identity change and upgrade. We have also added a category structure to our wine offerings so consumers can better understand the difference between our wines both by category name, pricing, and label designs.

crest The Pride of Prince Edward County